Step Up MRC

Step Up MCR is the place-based giving scheme for Manchester, focussing on the wards Ancoats & Beswick and Clayton & Openshaw in its pilot phase.

Step Up MCR brings people together from within the community to make the most of our combined resources, energy, and skills for the benefit of local people.

We look to connect people to enable ideas to flourish, grow the community and support giving- whether of time, funding, resources, skills, space or expertise.

Step Up MCR supports and develops new projects led by the community which improve the overall health and wellbeing of the place. We are looking to support projects which enable people to be happier and healthier through the five ways to wellbeing.

Jan Johnson is learning new things about the environment. She has just completed a carbon literally course with Manchester Met university which was 4 evenings to complete. She is now enrolling on further courses with them to gain more knowledge in this area. 

The inspiration to do the project was because of her love for Coldplay. She follows the band on social media and listens to all their music “They talk about their involvement with One tree planted and The Ocean Clean up. I was overwhelmed by their dedication for the planet  I thought what can I do on a smaller scale in my neighbourhood and came up With Evermore.”

It is great to see local projects beginning world wide!

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