Eco Trends Report: TikTok’s Most Popular Eco-Products And Hacks 

  • New research by Uswitch has revealed the top trending eco-products and sustainability hacks on TikTok
  • Menstrual cups are the most popular eco-conscious product, followed by natural deodorant and beeswax wraps
  • Creating plastic eco-bricks is the most popular #ecohack, followed by homemade fertiliser using banana peels, and growing your own loofah

A new study has analysed TikTok data to reveal the top trending eco-products and sustainability hacks on the platform; menstrual cups are the top products and creating plastic eco-bricks is the most popular hack.

The research, conducted by Uswitch, analysed hundreds of videos featuring #ecohack to discover which are the most watched sustainability tips, with videos on how to make homemade plastic eco-bricks amassing a huge 19 million views.

Creating a plastic brick involves filling plastic bottles with unrecyclable plastics and sending them off to be used for construction purposes rather than seeing them in landfills or our ocean.


Reply to @skimoatmilk also easier and quicker to use. And not bad for the planet 🌍✔️

♬ Do It To It – ACRAZE

Creating your own plant fertiliser using banana peels is the second most-watched hack on the video platform, which involves repurposing food waste and storing it in water to create an environmentally-friendly alternative to a chemical-based product. The third hack on the list with 3.5 million hashtag views is how you can grow a loofah, therefore making it a natural alternative to a throwaway product.

Top 10 Trending Eco-Hacks On TikTok

RankDescription of hackTikTok Hashtag# Views on TikTok
1Create eco-plastic bricksEcobricks19,000,000
2Create eco-friendly fertiliser from old bananasBananaeelfertiliser8,300,000
3Grow your own loofahHomemadeloofah3,500,000
4Make DIY paper envelopesDiyenvelope2,300,000
5Reuse jars and containers Reusejars1,500,000
6Make homemade plant fertilizer using coffee groundsHomemadefertilizer1,500,000
7Use root veg ends to regrow foodRegrowveggies1,400,000
8Make homemade lip balm Homemadelipbalm1,300,000
9Make homemade eco-friendly cleanerHomemadecleaner1,300,000
10Regrow lettuceRegrowlettuce1,100,000

The Most Popular Eco Products on TikTok

The research also looked into the products gaining traction on TikTok and menstrual cups are revealed as the most popular product with over 861 million views. Famed for being the green alternative to standard throwaway sanitary products, menstrual cups are a much more sustainable solution. 

Natural deodorant is the second most-watched eco-hack on the social media app with 47.3 million views from those who want to know the pros of ditching aerosol cans and plastic roll-on sticks. Beeswax wraps are third on the list – promoting the use of reusable wrapping for food storage rather than cling film – with a total of 32.1 million views.

The rest of the top five is made up of period pants (another sustainable alternative to sanitary products) in fourth and in fifth is the hashtag shampoo bars which has 24 million views.

Top 15 Trending Eco-Products On TikTok 

RankProductTikTok HashtagTikTok # Views
1Menstrual cupMenstrualcup861,500,500
2Natural deodorantNaturaldeodorant47,300,000
3Beeswax wrapsBeeswaxwraps32,100,000
4Period pantsPeriodpants24,300,000
5Shampoo barShampoobar24,000,000
6Reusable shopping bagReusablebag12,000,000
7Swedish dishclothsSwedishdishcloth7,100,000
8Reusable cotton padsReusablecottonpads6,800,000
9Bamboo toothbrushesBambootoothbrush6,300,000
10Reusable strawsReusablestraws1,900,000
11Reusable water bottlesReusablewaterbottles1,100,000
12Reusable face maskReusablefacemask565,700
13Reusable sanitary padsReusablesanitarypads386,200
14Reusable baking matsReusablebakingmats366,300
15Deodorant barsDeodorantbar212,800

To read the full research, visit: 

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