Last Chance to Save the Middlewick Ranges, Colchester Essex.

We are urging members of the public and nature organizations across the UK to respond to the Colchester Borough Council Local Plan adoption of Section 2: Middlewick Ranges.

The Eco News Review: “Why is this important? The Middle Wick Ranges in Colchester Essex is home to a very rare type of habitat known as “acid grass land” – this is important to keep as it attracts very rare wildlife and stores enormous amount of carbon. We should not destroy our habitats for more development and consider locations that we build on!”

Campaigners, planning and ecology experts believe that the Middlewick Ranges should NEVER have been included in the local plan, we are now at the planning modifications stage where the plans have been approved subject to modifications, we now have the opportunity to respond to these modifications.

Go to the Save the Middlewick website for full details on how to respond.

Please take this time to respond, we have to fight for nature and for ourselves. If you need any additional help please email the Save the Middlewick Campaign team at:

#essex #savewildlife #save #acidgrass #colchester #sayno

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