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Millennials and celebrities alike state it’s high time to focus on sustainable properties 17th September 2021  Fast-growing proptech firm houzen‘s Brand Director, Zuzanna Chmielewska, shares her thoughts… Carbon emissions from buildings account for approximately 40% of the UK’s overall carbon footprint, (UK GBC) demonstrating the necessity for sustainable construction. As the property industry implements sustainable solutions into their projects, the government has continued to introduce supporting strategies (with varying results).  Due to growing up in an eco-conscious society, millennials are more aware of the effect they have on the environment. Therefore, eco-friendly homes are likely to increase in popularity. Based on a survey by The Guardian, nearly two thirds of millennials “buy as many eco-friendly products as they can”, while 66% of global respondents in a Nielsen report have stated that they are willing to pay a higher price for products and services coming from companies that value social and environmental responsibility. Adding solar panels to the roofs and building with environmentally friendly materials has helped sustainable buildings become popular not only among millennials, but celebrities too. Orlando Bloom, Prince Charles and Adele, all have sustainable homes, and the number continues to rise.     
What are sustainable properties? 
In a nutshell, these are homes that use resources like power and water efficiently and minimize pollution. The term ‘sustainable home’ means different things to different people. Compared to conventional houses, sustainable homes typically use less energy and are built from sustainable materials. So, to develop what we refer to as sustainable homes, we must consider the effective use of site resources, water conservation, energy efficiency, handling of household waste, and optimum material utilization. There is more to going eco than pure humanitarian reasons for preserving the planet. There are many reasons to move toward the trend of sustainable homes, both financial and
health related.
More than a money-saving solution In the long run, eco-friendly homes offer tremendous health benefits. Sustainable homes provide many benefits to home buyers, which significantly lowers the cost of daily necessities. 

1.      Financial impact: Operating costs like electricity and water commence from day one through the entire lifecycle of the building. Sustainable homes are built in a way, which is aimed at receiving natural lighting and air with the minimal use of conventional electricity by using solar panels, rainwater harvesting, groundwater recharge with sustainable withdrawal and reuse of wastewater through treatment. All of these can end up reducing the monthly bills by up to 20%-30%, depending upon the level of energy-saving mechanisms plugged into the project. 

2.      Impact on health: Uninterrupted air circulation, natural air filtration with plants, solar chimneys and exhaust fans, improved natural lighting through windows and natural paint contribute to a higher quality of living. Lighting, heating, air filtration, etc. are just a few examples of how the dependence on electrical appliances for these purposes can significantly reduce, something which seems to be becoming increasingly commonplace today.

 3.      Lifestyle Benefits: Sustainable construction incorporates eco-friendly materials like bamboo, recycled metal, structural insulated panels, and natural clay plaster. The use of eco-friendly material, furniture and light-coloured interiors help in uplifting the overall quality of life.  
Although the UK market is responding more and more to the demand for sustainable buildings, there are still projects that are not fully incorporating the right solutions. Several of them use this as more of a marketing gimmick rather than a true energy saver. Nowadays, even a larger, 5+ year old development can be gradually upgraded with sustainable improvements step by step. From installing simple energy-efficient elements like thermostats to getting solar panels installed – there are many options available to retrofit a building to be more sustainable. It’s all about good planning and the smart pick of responsible service providers and products.  
London-based company houzen offers one such solution: Sustainability Reports for homes prepared using a mix of Artificial Intelligence and expert human knowledge. Each report analyses current sustainable elements in a home and lists potential improvements, together with available service providers and prices for each recommended feature.  

More information about houzen’s Sustainability Reports can be found at 

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