Eco News in Cornwall

A wonderful influencer took our summer edition on holiday with her, the newspaper travelled our stunning coasts and visited Cornish Homes and Shops.

Our newspaper is available for the UK, we hope when it’s on its travels it gets noticed by those wanting to save our planet!

The story of our newspaper begins in Suffolk, it’s so lovely to see the newspaper make its way round beautiful counties.

We hope you join our journey, as the journey for The Eco News has begun! So far we are travelling and posting to: Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, Manchester, Dorset and even the USA!

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Published by theeconewspaper

Welcome to The Eco News, we are here to help educate you and tell amazing stories around the world. I want to voice how people can be more sustainable, how you can make small changes to make a difference and update you on worldwide change through blogging and printing The Eco News. Read the latest positive environmental news to inspire and guide you to living a sustainable and an eco lifestyle.

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