Wild Flowers, why are they so important?

Wildflowers are critical habitats for pollinators, like our bees and butterflies, which is important for ecosystem function and pollination.

Wildflowers can improve soil health, prevent erosion, improve water quality, increase yields and enhance forage conditions for livestock.


It is a strong wildflower that is great for roadside verges, scrub, waste ground and farmland.

It flowers from June to August but can be sown between February and October for the best results.


Bright and pretty, the buttercup is pollinated by short-tongued bees attracted by the nectar and pollen.

It flowers mainly between May and August but can be sown between February and October for the best results.


Lavender is one of the most adaptable plants on the planet, lavender thrives in rocky, gravelly, alkaline soils. It has proven research to be good for our health and the health of our wildlife.


Many insects thrive off the benefits of bluebells which flower earlier than many other plants. Woodland butterflies, bees and hoverflies all feed on their nectar.


Wildflower meadows are our most important and best loved fields, they provide habitat and growth for so much wildlife!

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